Computer-Aided Program Development Group (until March 31st, 2019)

Research focus

Fundamentals of programming languages and program development

  • semantics
  • formal methods (in particular: transformational programming and "calcula style")
  • logical aspects of program development
  • Tools (particularly the visualizational tool KIEL and the graphical interfase JAVA-RAP for the Passauer RAP System)

Relational methods in computer science

  • abstract relation algebra
  • relational program specification and development
  • generalization of relation algebra and extension toward method application
  • supporting tools (particularly the prototyping tool RelView and the Kure C library)

Graphs and algorithms

  • modelling with graphs
  • formal development of graph algorithms
  • visualization of relations via graphs
  • graph implementation via BDDs
  • Software visualization and algorithm animation

Cooperative game theory and decision theory

  • formation of coalitions and alliances
  • study of 0/1-games and power index computation
  • implementing 0/1-games with BDDs


  • Medizinische Universität Lübeck - Project Teachware
  • Universities of Augsburg, Buenos Aires, Cordoba - DAAD Project PROALAR
  • participation in the international workgroup RelMiCS (Relational Methods in Computer Science)
  • participation in COST - Action 274 TARSKI
  • participation in ESF - Research programme LogiCCC, Projekt SSEAC, with the universities of Lyon, Tilburg, Turku and Valladolid

Research reports (excerpts from institute reports)