Computer-Aided Program Development Group

Topics for theses

We currently offer the following topics.

  • Implementierung einer BDD-Visualisierung
    A binary decision diagram (BDD for short) is a data structure for the representation of Boolean functions. While algorithms on BDDs are often stated in an elegant inductive fashion, the visual representation of a BDD by hand is difficult at best. However, this representation can be automated. A thesis in this area deals with this automation and is intended to produce a program that can translate a given BDD into a variety of graphical representations including dot (graphviz) and TikZ (LaTeX). Aside from the pure visualisation, standard algorithms should be implemented in a fashion that can also show the intermediate BDDs generated by these algorithms. If you are interested, please feel free to contact  Mr. Berghammer or  Mr. Danilenko.
  • Analysis of real world tournaments with game-theoretic methods
    The concept of tournaments is very common in sports: a group of players competes against each other, such that every player competes against any other player. Typically, there are certain rules concering the winner of such a tournament; for example, one might want a unique winner. Tournaments are also used in social choice theory, which uses game-theoretic methods. In this context there exists a variety of natural conditions, which are formulated mathematically, and then analysed using elementary mathematical means. The aim of a thesis in this area is to use the methods of social choice theory to analyse concrete games (like the Champion's League). If you are interested, please contact Mr. Berghammer.
  • Implementation of graph algorithms in functional languages
    A thesis in this area is aimed at designing a "naive" functional implementation of a set of graph algorithms. The results should be compared with existing functional solutions and possibly with a classical imperative solution as well. The concrete application range depends on the type of thesis and can be easily modified. If you are interested, please feel free to contact  Mr. Berghammer or  Mr. Danilenko.